Honoring the Most Important Love of Your Life This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such a special time of the year, and a particularly fun time to give a gift of faith based jewelry to someone you love. It’s a day set aside to acknowledge the importance of the gift of love in our lives, and many choose to commemorate this with the giving and receiving of cards and gifts. Love can be present in many forms, from feelings between friends and family members to feelings for a special someone or a significant other, a group of people, or other creatures in the world (have you ever looked at your pet and thought “I love you so much”?) Celebrating such an extraordinary feeling helps us to feel grounded and human, and good about our relationships with the people around us.

What about our relationship with God, though? Doesn’t that deserve celebration? Of course it does! You can celebrate your relationship with God in so many ways:

  • Saying prayers to God, or meditating upon His words
  • Getting together with others who share your faith to rejoice and celebrate your mutual love for God, such as attending church, Sunday school or youth fellowship
  • Taking a walk, going for a hike or otherwise taking time in nature to enjoy the bounty provided by God
  • Wearing tokens or jewelry that proclaim your faith
  • Singing hymns or other songs that praise God, lifting up your voice to exalt Him
  • Getting a group together for a BIble study
  • Talking to others about your faith in God

And these are just some of the possibilities!

Of course, if you decide to wear an emblem of your faith, there are lots of ways to do so. At Handcrafted Affirmations, we specialize in offering young women ways to demonstrate their faith in Christ through jewelry. Some of our offerings include:

  • The You Were Chosen necklace, which symbolizes the fact that God chose you to carry forth His word and His deeds, and as a keeper of His faith. This is a beautiful delicate gold-plated necklace with an adjustable-length chain that serves as a perfect reminder that you are a chosen Warrior of Christ!
  • The Be Still thermals, which provide a cozy and comfortable way to keep your faith wrapped around you at all times. The Be Still thermals provide a gentle and loving reminder to let God do the heavy lifting in your life, to just relax and let Him do His work.
  • The You Are Valued necklace, which reminds young women that you are an important part of God’s work and that God loves and values you and your contributions. It’s also a delicate gold necklace with a chain adjustable to several different lengths.
  • The You Are Pursued necklace, which serves as a reminder that God is always thinking of you and your life, and that God knows everything that has ever happened and will ever happen in your lifetime, so that you may rest in the understanding that God always has you on His mind.
  • The Love Like Christ bracelet set, which helps give a consistent and gentle reminder of the Biblical definition of love outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4.  

These beautiful items make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, as a celebration of the most important love in your life: the love of God for you and for all of humankind. This, the greatest gift of all, serves to honor but also to humble God’s servants, so that we may best serve Him and His intentions. We seek only to serve as vessels or channels for God’s love and bounty. 

We hope that you enjoy celebrating love in its many forms and expressions this Valentine’s Day.