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Go To Post     ‼️BOOKMARK THIS LOCATION ‼️ This location in Northern California reminds me of Hawaii. This is where the 2nd largest river on the USA, “The Klamath River”, meets the Pacific Ocean. It’s a site to see! It is steel Head trout and Salmon season. The salmon migrate to hatch and die. Seals Pop up like wack a mole. We saw birds and wild life we have only seen at zoos and aquariums. The boulders and driftwood turned into my kids playground and fueled their imagination. You must add this to your bucket list. Stay at @klamathriverrv which is right up the road. I’ve never seen anything like this place in my life! Love, Bethannah xoxo  #klamathriver #northercalifornia #camping #campingcalifornia #mustsee #bucketlist #fulltimervers #roadschool #tinyliving #roadshooling #therealzoo

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