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I am so honored that you're taking the time to get to know me better. We may have some common threads that bring our kindred hearts together. You may find yourself feeling like you found a needed friend or perhaps a mentor you desire to learn more from.

Maybe you're a mom like me, married, like to travel, love Jesus, can dance like nobodies business, and have everybody convinced you're an extrovert until you disappear for a while. Hee, hee! 

Or perhaps, like me too, you've been down some rugged roads? Wonder how a good God could allow so much heartbreak and trauma? Dumbstruck by how your pillow could not have blown a hole out the back from the depths of your screams. Bewildered by how you've managed to make it this far having so much stacked against you? I get it. I really do.

Life is tough and impossible to navigate alone. I have been incredibly blessed to have mentors and counselors come alongside me and help me navigate what seemed like unimaginable storms to brave through. I learned valuable tools to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ, discovered Biblical Self-Care, found my identity in Christ, and broke through the walls of hopelessness and shame that had me bound.

I haven't arrived at a place of all-knowing. I'm not your go-to girl for unattainable perfection-gleaning notions. I won't sugarcoat the mess and stuff a spoonful of sugar down your scratchy throat. I will, however, plant seeds of hope. Offer directional wisdom, application, and powerful prayer. I will be your sister in Christ that cheers you on, encourages you, and even makes you laugh when tears are coming down your cheeks!

I created products just for you, Sister, to remind you of your worth and value in Christ. Whether it's the books I'm writing or the new products I'm creating, I aim to offer seeds of hope that your identity can be restored through the Holy Spirit.

PS. To Learn Fun Facts About Me READ "I Don't Follow Social Norms"

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Once teen parents, Bethannah and her husband have been married for 23 years. Through Christ's love and grace, they have overcome all the odds. Bethannah is a sexual abuse survivor who uses her triumph over hardship to inspire others to find healing and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.


During Covid shutdowns, Bethannah and her family sold all their belongings in Phoenix, Arizona, and hit the road Fulltime in their RV. They now travel sharing the love of Christ with others, and roadschool two of their four children.

Book coming soon

Bethannah is an author writing her first book where she shares the importance of Biblical Self-Care and the ingredients needed to do it for yourself! Her bi-weekly blog post feature seeds of encouragement through Spiritual mentoring as well as the Biblical Affirmations and Biblical Self-Care tips found in each product her Business represents.


Janet Grant

Janet Grant

Janet Grant

Bethannah is Represented by Literary Agent Janet Grant  

Janet is the President of Books & Such Literary Management Books & Such Literary Agency
Kathy IrelandKathy IrelandSpiritual Mentor & friend, Kathy Ireland has written the

Foreword for Bethannah’s Book.

Lysa Terkhuerst

Lysa Terkeurst

Bool Proposal Bootcamp

Of the over 1k writing competition applicants Bethannah achieved making it into the finals of Lysa Terkeurst’s Book Proposal Bootcamp. Lysa is a best selling author and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Glynnis Whitwer

Glynnis Whitwer

Glynnis was Bethannah’s writing coach for Lysa Terkheurst Book Proposal Bootcamp, helping her hone her skills as a writer. She is an Author and the Director of Communications for Proverbs 31 Ministries & Oversee’s She Speaks.

Mary DeMuth

Mary Demuth

Mary was Bethannah’s former Literary Agent. She is an Author, Speaker and Podcaster of Pray Everyday. Find her work on the link above.

Joy Bohlinger

Joy Bohlinger

Spiritual Mentor and Adopted Mama to Bethannah, Joy is the seed that was planted in Bethannah’s life that took root through her love, encouragement and directional wisdom that pointed her directly to Jesus and His saving grace. 


  • My husband and I were high school sweethearts. As teen parents, we married with our first child at nineteen years old. We are celebrating twenty three years of marriage this year!
  • We have four awesome kids ranging in age from 8 to 23. We have our first grand baby on the way! 
  • I was a military wife to a deployed husband out of Fort Carson. My husband is an Iraq war veteran. We love and honor our military families!
  • We are passionate about travel and take fun adventures around the US in our RV. You can follow our adventure's @lovebethannah on Instagram 
  • I homeschool two of our children and cherish my time with them.
  • I have called California, Colorado, Belgium, Europe, Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, Washington and Wisconsin my home at different times. 
  • I love to be creative and design what I envision.
  • Photography is one of my passions. 
  • My favorite female vocal artist is Lauren Daigle. The lyrics to her songs and her powerful voice have been used countless times to defeat the enemies' lies in my life. My dream is to meet her, thank her and hug her someday. 
  • I am obsessed with watercolor! I cannot paint or draw for anything, but I sure do appreciate the God-given ability in others, and you will find that on my website and products. 
  • I have a sense of humor, love being silly, love to dance, can be highly inappropriate sometimes, and laugh a lot! 
  • I have the Spiritual gift of discernment, intercessory prayer, and encouragement. I am a prayer warrior and defender of the innocent. 
  • I am an introvert that sounds like an extrovert (You'll get it when you meet me and then will not hear from me for a while, 😆).
  • My love languages are words of affirmations and quality time.
  • My Enneagram Type is Type 2, The Helper; Type 9, The Peacemaker; Type 7,
    Love, bethannah



The love of my life & best friend since high school.

My husband and baby Daddy (hee, hee), Greg.

A man that loves God more than me.

      Teen Parents  Once teen parents, now married nearly 24yrs. Four kids and one grand baby later. All glory to God and his immeasurable love and unshakable goodness. 

      Our kids

      Our Babies. My heart. My Joy. My most precious gifts from God.


      My daughter in law and precious grand baby & our beautiful little girl.