Bethannah Guzman

I Don't Follow Social Norms

Bethannah Guzman
There’s very little I've done in my life that fits the social norm or colors in the lines. If I don't like something I change it! It's that simple...
• I didn't like giving birth in the hospital, so I gave birth in the comfort of my home at the time.
• I didn't like being told to stay in my house during covid shut downs, so I sold my house and bought an RV & took off to explore.
• I didn't like what they were teaching my kids in school and the negative influence social agendas were pushing, so I picked them up one day and never brought them back.
• My past was affecting my future so I stopped complaining about it and pulled myself up by the bootstraps and I got help through free resources, books, counseling and small groups. I went from having a victim mentality to warrior mentality & learned how to manage my emotions so my emotions weren't managing me!
• Religous people were skewing my view of Christinity, so I opened my Bible and started to read it for myself and I learned who Jesus really was and HE changed my entire life!
• There were people in my life keeping me stuck and disempowering me, so I started surrounding myself with healthy, strong, bold, powerful woman that challenged me to go higher, dig deeper and step out in faith!
• I decided to forgive the unforgivable. IE my bio dad that sexually assaulted me at 5yrs old leaving me in bondage to his sin. I stopped allowing my fathers sin to dictate my identity and redefine who I was. I found my identity in Christ. I gave room for the Holy Spirit to do what only He can do by un-labeling me & healing my wounds. What I once thought was a life sentence led me to be set free. I released my Father into the hands of God and I prayed mercy on his soul at his death bed. Because ultimately what he faced on judgement day was far worse than anything I could have dulled out in my unforgiveness and I wasn’t going to allow that man to rob one more day of my life 💪🏻🔥
• Alcohol started becoming a normal part of my grocery bill, so I surrendered alchohol to God and stopped drinking regularly to get ahead of what could have turned into a major problem in my life.
• My home on wheels used to be dark, uninviting and more importantly didn't feel like “home.” So, I transformed it for my family, NOW home is wherever we are as a family. OR Wherever we park it🚌 ❤️
What about you sister? What do you have the ability to change in your life?
“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
love bethannah

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