📍There have been

📍There have been

Go To Post     📍There have been so many first for our family here in Tahoe.

🦅First time we saw a bald eagle in real life. First time we saw a baby 🐻 bear, a 🦫beaver at work, a 🐍 water snake. First time Pennelope caught a fish. First time she made a giant leap and jumped off a dock. First time she hiked🥾 2 miles. Just a few examples.

Getting out and experiencing life is more than what you see, it’s what it teaches you.

We are learning that God is in the details and He is teaching us lessons in all of them.

Roadschooling is more than the epic memories. It’s that those memories are forever ingrained in our hearts and minds with lessons that taught us something for life.

When you go out today, look for the details. Discover what God is teaching you through them.

Love, Bethannah xoxo


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