5 Must See Beaches of Lake Tahoe!

5 Must See Beaches of Lake Tahoe!

The Top 5 Must See

Beaches of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

This is the post you have been waiting for! It's the first of many that will help you find the best locations to take your family on your next adventure. 

I took my time driving the nearly 83 Miles around Lake Tahoe, read several articles, spoke to countless locals, and narrowed down the list of beaches in Lake Tahoe to THE TOP 5 MUST SEE when you go. 

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Don't forget to take to Lake Tahoe Beaches

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Now here are our Top 5 Lake Tahoe Beaches

The 5 Must See Beaches of Lake Tahoe

You can find more pictures and videos of these Lake Tahoe beaches on our Facebook and Instagram page @lovebethannah or @bethannahguzman .  They were all amazing, so I just put them in the order as we saw them.  You can find some helpful information on our YouTube Channel The5GsWildnFree but, here are some more details that will aid you on your decision on which one to see first. 

1.  Sand Harbor

     Sand Harbor is located on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.  Here is a link to find the most up to date information and activities taking place there.  

  • Winter and summer activities including the Shakespeare Festival & Horse Drawn Slay rides in the winter.
  • Dogs-  Pets are only allowed off-season from mid-October to mid-April
  • Boat Launch- Yes
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling- Yes
  • Camping- No
  • Access-  Easy Parking Lot
  • Cost- $10.00 ($15.00 for Non-NV Vehicles)
  • Hiking-  Yes
  • Fishing-  Yes
  • Bathrooms-  Yes
  • Photography-  Yes, stunning location.  
  • Historical Sites-  No

2.  Kiva Beach

  Located in South Lake Tahoe, this is one of my favorite beaches because it's FREE, Dog Friendly and Educational.  Here is a link to up to date information on Kiva beach.  On a side note... Pope Beach is right next door.  It didn't make our list because its $10 to get in and its not dog friendly.  

  • Cost-  FREE, Yay!
  • Dog Beach- Yes!
  • Historical Location-  Yes!  This is an excellent spots to Roadschool your kids.  Check out Tallac Historic Site
  • Boating-  No
  • Swimming-  Yes
  • Walking Trails-  Yes
  • Mountain Biking-  Yes 
  • Picknicing-  Yes
  • Windsurfing/Kyacking- Yes
  • Camping- No

3.  Meeks Bay

Located on the California side of Lake Tahoe, Meeks Bay made our list not only because its beautiful, it is also a surrounded by a campground.  Here is a link to the most up to date information on Meeks Bay.  

  • Cost-  $10 Day Use
  • Camping-  $31 a night.  Tent Camping & RV 18ft or Smaller
  • Swimming-  Yes
  • Boat Launch-  No
  • Kayak-  Yes
  • Paddle Board-  Yes
  • Dogs-  We saw dogs on the beach but the signs say no dogs

4.  Lester Beach/D.L. Bliss State Park

  This one made our list for several reasons. The State Park campground surrounding this beach is breathtaking.  We saw so many wild animals here, including a baby bear, a bald eagle, a beaver at work and blue birds. The beach itself is tucked away and beautiful.  It's tricky to find, you have to go through the State Park to get to Lester Beach.  

  • Cost-  $10 Day Use
  • Camping-  YES! at DL Bliss State Park.  
  • $45 for Beach Camping and $35 outside of beach area.  The max trailer length is 15'.  The max motorhome length is 18'. This campground does not have hook-ups, however, there is a dump station available for registered campers according to their website link above. 
  • Educational Activities-  YES!  The Jr Ranger Program & Historical information
  • Dogs-  Only in designated areas
  • Boat Launch-  No
  • Educational-  Yes! 
  • Kayak/Paddle Board-  Yes
  • Snorkeling-  Yes
  • Swimming-  Yes
  • Access-  one side is a hike down, the other side of the beach is easy access from the parking lot.  

5.  Emerald Bay Beach

  Emerald Bay Beach is a National Natural Landmark.  This is the world famous photographed area of Lake Tahoe.  This beach is difficult to get to by foot because of its one mile hike down and one mile hike back up, but well worth it if you're healthy.  This is also a great spot to educate your kids with the abounding historical facts and natural beauty.  Make sure to wear comfortable walking/hiking shoes preferably water shoes.  We have a link below to one's that we recommend.

  • Hiking-  Yes! Easy, well maintained trail, 1 Mile each way to get to beach.  Plus, amazing waterfall hikes surrounding the area like Eagles Falls Trail that you won't want to miss while there.  
  • Camping-  No
  • Historical/Educational-  Yes!  The Vikingsholm Castle is absolutely beautiful. The architecture is stunning and a great opportunity to roadschool your kids.
  • Swimming- Yes, jump off the dock for added fun.  The water there is frigid cold and deep!  You will see our son jumping off the dock here in our YouTube Video and on our Instagram Reels.
  • Boating-  Yes
  • Water Sports-  Yes
  • Kayak Rental on the beach to take to tea island.  
  • Dogs-  No
  • Bring lots of water with you.  


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