A Bucket with Holes

A Bucket with Holes

A Bucket with Holes

We are seeking something to fill the emptiness and often search in all the wrong areas for the feeling of wholeness. We may fill it with a desire to be wanted, seen, loved and accepted or acceptable. We look to culture, men, recognition, achievements, perfection, body image, to name a few, to feel good enough.

My mom used to say I was like a bucket with holes in it. As soon as I would be filled up it would all coming pouring out. This is common for abuse survivors. We are searching for our identity because our abuser stole our identity. Often, we look to outside sources because even though we may know God, we still question how a good and loving God had ever allowed what happened to us to happen.

We must not be one of His chosen ones. We aren’t worthy of the kind of love He describes. How we feel about ourselves doesn’t align with how God describes us in the Bible. He must be writing that for someone else.

The thief has created a smokescreen masked in confusion that perpetuates our desire to search in all the wrong areas for our true identity, steering us as far away as he can from who God says we are. He will keep us on that road to destruction as long as we are willing.

Let’s stop being willing. Let’s make today a turning point.

love bethannah

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