Child of Mine

Child of Mine

My Fearless Child

Child of Mine,


I dreamt of you, I prayed for you & now I raise you in this new world. 


I am committed to raising you FEARLESS & UNOFFENDED.


 I am raising you without borders & limitations. 


I am raising you to have a sensitivity towards evil, to call it out and speak authority over it. 


I am raising you as a Christ Warrior not one to cower down to peer pressure or run from a battle. 


   My child you are set apart.  You were made for more than all of this.  You were created for such a time as this.  There is no mistake. 


  You are strong enough.  You have every ounce of courage you need.  You have wisdom beyond human understanding.  Your road map has already been paved. 


My child, you have only one job. 


To rest.  To rest in Him. 


My child your capabilities are limited, but with Him your capabilities are limitless. 


Love Bethannah

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