Fri-YAY POSTCARD GREETINGS from Beautiful San Clemente, CA

Fri-YAY POSTCARD GREETINGS from Beautiful San Clemente, CA

Postcard Greetings
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Oh Friend...

  It's been so long!  I have so much to catch you up on, but first I want to know how you are?  Anything exciting happening in your life?  Anything new?  Anything hard you need prayer for?

   Every Friday I will be sending you a Fri-Yay Postcard Greeting from our current location.  Yep... every week is typically different.  This week we are in San Clemente California.  

 How are we doing this?  We sold everything and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime!  We are now a Fulltime RV family.  Everyday I wake up and thank God for this incredible opportunity.

   That doesn't mean that it doesn't come with its surprises, stresses, unknowns or stormy days.  My husband is working Fulltime, I am writing my first book, I "Road-School" 3 of my 4 kids and we are constantly moving!  Did I mention we have a dog and my son wants a DUCK!  We are documenting it all, the good bad and the ugly on our Social Media.  

  In the meantime, I will be keeping you posted here on my blog through these weekly Postcards.  My prayer and hope is that they encourage you and give you a desire to go out and experience life the way God intended.  Free, at peace and full of His love.  

  On Instagram you will find pictures and videos of our latest adventures, including silly videos from "Chicken Try Guy."  Our 10yr old whom we challenged to try something "new,"other than his typical "chicken nugget" pallet. At each new location he tries something new. So far, he has tried seaweed salad, fried salmon skin, crab meat straight off a dead crab, lobster tail, sushi, guacamole and salsa and there will be many more!  You get his un-edited reactions to trying each one. 

 "Adventure Girl"is our 6yr old daughter who encourages other little ones to try new adventures and experience new exciting things.  Like whale watching, climbing boulders or swimming in the ocean.  

  You will find all of this on TIK TOK under "The 5G's Wildn'Free" and YouTube "The 5G's WildnFree."

  Handcrafted Affirmations is currently in vacation mode, but will be up and running in the near future.  

  Find me on Instagram under Love, Bethannah or Bethannah Guzman

  So good to be back on and connect with you.  Keep in touch!


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