Fri-YAYS Postcard Greeting from Balboa Island, CA "Seek God First."

Fri-YAYS Postcard Greeting from Balboa Island, CA "Seek God First."

Seek God First

Seek God First


Have you ever been in a season of waiting? You've worked really hard at something. Put your heart and soul into something that you know God called you to, and then you WAIT. Ugh... waiting...😩


If there was a bad "W" word that my kids knew was on the naughty list, it would be the word WAIT! 🤪😂


About a week ago, my agent Mary DeMuth sent my book proposal out to 10 publishers. Trickling in has been a slew of no's. Each no has been more painful than the next, knowing how close I am getting to the final one.




Reading this Bible verse this morning during my quiet time with God redirected my thoughts back to His Will. In Matthew 6:33 it says, "Seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."


The book that God wrote through me has a plan and purpose that is not my own. He asked me to walk in obedience every step of the way. 


My flesh may stir with fear of failing but, the truth is when we seek GOD FIRST and HIS righteousness and NOT OUR OWN, all things will be added to us according to His will. 


Today He reminded me to continue to seek Him First. He will direct my path. He will lead me. He will make the impossible possible through Him (whatever that looks like).


When I got quiet with Him, He reminded me of who I am writing for, and it is YOU. Just you, because he loves you and wants to encourage you and know that you are not alone and all things are possible through Him. 


I have learned that when I focus my eyes on Him and Him alone, quieting the world's noise around me, this massive peace comes over me. 


He has every publisher in His hand. Every reader in His heart. Every opportunity to promote at His fingertips. He just asks that I seek the kingdom of God first, His righteousness, and all these things will be added to me. 


Do you hear Him calling you to seek Him above all else? His righteousness? His plan and purpose in all you do? 


This encouraged me today, and I pray it encourages you as well. 


While I wait, would you mind praying with me? I am waiting to hear from 4 more publishers in regards to publishing my book. I am humbled by this process. I am growing in my faith and reliance on God as a wait and would cherish your prayers. 


Thank you, sweet friend ❤️


How can I pray for you today?

Love Bethannah

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