Frustrating Day, But I Am Excited!

Frustrating Day, But I Am Excited!

Lake Tahoe

Today has been a frustrating day.  I have been working so hard on finishing up my very first YouTube video on The 5 Must-See Beaches in Lake Tahoe so I could send it to you and my internet has been out all day!   😩

You won't be getting the video this time but, I do have some exciting changes taking place behind the scenes that will really encourage and inspire you to live the abundant life Jesus died to give you.  

   So much was robbed from each of us over this COVID-19 Pandemic. Many of you are just beginning to head out for adventures for the first time in over a year. Others of you have ventured out only to be met with fear, masks, and dirty stares.

We have all come out of this crazy time feeling the heaviness of a changing world. Some days it looks, sounds, and feels unrecognizable.

I am here to help alleviate the COVID pressure build-up before you blow your whistle. I believe in 5 Simple Tricks to get you back into living the abundant life God came to give you.

  1. Wake up each morning with your cup of coffee or tea and spend time with Jesus in prayer, meditation, and in His word.
  1. Go for a daily walk or bike ride outside for at least 30min. Take in the beauty, fresh air, and sounds.
  1. Nature Journal
  1. Plan one outing a month in a new place you have never seen or experienced
  1. Journal what you are seeing, hearing, and experiencing.

My heart’s desire is to inspire you and encourage you. My life verse & purpose behind my blog is John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

My goal is to help you recognize where the enemy is robbing you of your joy, peace, and freedom and encourage you to take a leap of faith into the abundant life Jesus came to give you. I will share some of my own personal struggles with depression, fear, and anxiety and the tools I currently use to combat them.    I want you to always know you aren't alone in this crazy world right now. I see you and hear you and more importantly, God does.  

While I continue to work on finishing up my first YouTube video, my goal in this new channel is to inspire you to get out and experience all the beauty God created for us to enjoy.  I have no doubt you will enjoy getting to know me and my family better as we travel on our adventures and you will be inspired to go see it yourself.  

Have an awesome weekend!  Let me know what you're up to. 

Love, Bethannah xoxo 

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Love Bethannah

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