Let Me Introduce Our Family

Let Me Introduce Our Family

2 campers Lake Tahoe

Here are some fun facts about our family and me 🤪


❤️ Selling our home and choosing to go full-time as an RV family was a prayerful decision inspired by God after my biological father died of Covid-19 a year ago. Our heart desires are to reconnect with family, educate our children with hands-on learning and make incredible memories as a family.  


❤️ Both my husband and I work full-time. (We have outstanding internet on our rig...most of the time 😏).  

  •  My husband works for a company that is opening new locations all over the Country. He is tasked with getting them opened and off the ground all over the South West.  


  • I am a freelance Christian writer and have a blog on bethannahguzman.com where I write to encourage those overcoming hardship, abuse, or trauma & inspire living life to the full through our Fulltime RV Living. I have been writing a self-help book about overcoming abuse and living the life Jesus died to give us. The book I am writing is being shopped at several publishers through my agent Mary DeMuth with Books & Such Literary Agency.  

❤️ We have four amazing kids: 3 boys & 1 girl. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and got pregnant as teens. By the grace of God, we have now been married nearly 22yrs and had three more babies after our 1st.  


We have both parented & done marriage from brokenness and unhealed childhood trauma... this intern ignited a total dependence on God. He has been our counselor, our healer, our parent that taught us how to parent. His love showed us how to love each other.  


❤️ We just graduated our 2nd oldest from Roadschool 🙌🏻 He is headed to college in the fall. We are now down to Roadschooling our 6 & 10yr. 


❤️ I plan all of our family travel and adventures. We are members of Thousand Trails, so that makes it relatively easy.  


❤️ We are crafty, outdoorsy, climb the trees, dance on our decks, karaoke singing, silly conversation having, adventure-seeking family.     

love bethannah

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