"Hope for the Future," Postcard Greetings from Phoenix, AZ

"Hope for the Future," Postcard Greetings from Phoenix, AZ

Postcard Hope for the future



This week was an exciting one!
We graduated our 2nd oldest son, William, from Homeschool Education in Arizona, our home State.

In the last half of his senior year, we decided to take him on some fun-filled adventures to spend these final bitter-sweet moments having him "home" and expose him to uncharted territory.

We have zero regrets about road-schooling him. On the contrary, this experience exposed him to creativity and talent he didn't know he had, ultimately directing his future plans.

William will be headed off to Lifestyle Christianity University also known as LCU, in Dallas, Texas, in the fall. He will be there for a year before heading off to Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock, WA. These two directions are fueled by his love of God & Theology and love of carpentry.

We have a loaded summer filled with all of his favorite things, fishing, camping, exploring, and creating. These new adventures will lead us to Nothern California, to see and do things we have never done. So make sure to follow along on our journey.

Play Games with us, learn new things, discover different locations to travel to, and have fun with us!

Our son graduated from homeschool



Our family is all about having fun and interacting with you along our journey. So we have come up with a fun Scavenger Hunt that can be played whether you on on the road or not. 

  • We hide a painted rock in one of the locations we have visited. (You have to identify where the rock is hidden to win a point).
  • The painted rock will symbolize what we are learning in roadschool or a particular time of year or theme. (You have to guess what we are learning about to win a point).
  • We create a video that captures the hints to where our painted rock is located. 
  • You DM us with your answers. If you didn't find our rock, but you correctly identified where it was hidden and what we are learning in school, you win a 10% OFF Coupon for our store Handcrafted Affirmations! 
  • If you find our rock, take a picture of the location you found it in and a picture of you holding it. Tell us where you found it. Then what you believe we are learning in roadschool. You get to keep, share or re-hide the rock. You also will receive a 10% OFF COUPON in our online store. 
love bethannah

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