Set Free Indeed

Set Free Indeed

Set Free

1yr ago today, I said goodbye to my biological father for the last time.

1yr ago, I was SET FREE from the shackles sexual abuse locked me in.

1yr ago today, God told me he would bring me home and restore my family.

I hadn’t seen my family in years, and I didn’t know how he would restore us. I did know that I served a God that moved mountains and raised Jesus from the grave. Parted the red seas, made blind men see, a lame man walk and made disciples out of tax collectors and murderers.

Tonight I sleep at my sister's home, embracing what was once lost between us. The last few weeks, I have spent countless hours making new, revitalized memories with family that was once broken by years of abuse, shame, and pain.

He followed through with all the things He promised me if I walked in obedience.

God is restoring it all. He has restored me. Set me free and given me a renewed life outside of the labels abuse branded me by.

What the enemy meant for evil to rob, steal and destroy my family and me, Jesus came to restore, redeem and set free.

The shame and wounds of sexual abuse no longer have power over me.

1yr ago, I took my power back. I loved my Biological father at the end of his life in the act of love and obedience for a God that took me a long time to fully trust with my whole heart.

I Offered my Dad unjustified forgiveness and set him free for God to handle. What He has had to answer for is between he and God. What I know is that I have a full and abundant life, because God takes care of the unseen. Vengeance is his. I don’t carry the weight of hate and unforgiveness in my heart any longer. The enemy doesn’t hold that power over me anymore.

Christ came to offer me an abundant life, a full life and I don’t have any intention of wasting an ounce of this incredible gift.

I pray I get to see you in heaven Robert. I pray you accepted the forgiveness of Christ and allowed him into your heart so that I can see you again in heaven. My hope is that In heaven I will get to know the man you were supposed to be, before the world and sin got ahold of you and robbed us of the father, daughter relationship I deserved to have with you.

I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus. You are a good, good father. You are so faithful. I have been made whole because of you 

Love, your daughter Bethannah xoxo

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