Sometimes I feel lik

Sometimes I feel lik

Go To Post     Sometimes I feel like this tree stump surrounded by encroaching trees... waiting to devour me and snuff out my light.

Since we have been here in Northern California, we have been robbed, approached by drug addicts trying to sell us their welfare checks, my daughter approached by 2 grown men trying to distract us to, we believe take her... yet ...... we are surrounded by this beauty.

It’s a sheer contradiction of God. His beauty and the Spiritual Darkness of Evil.

I feel the oppression as we walk through the town. Evil surrounds us. The world is so dark right now. We feel it up here.

A man that we spoke to one night said it was his first time coming out in over a year. He was angry. Tight. Heavy with burden and fear.

My heart hurts over all that was robbed from everyone over this pandemic. Freedom. Life. Liberty.

But yet... but yet... but yet... the light shines on us among the towering trees. The encroachment may feel overwhelming and empowering , but I want to remind you that the power living in you can overcome all the darkness. Keep shining your light.

You are NOT ALONE in the forest. We lock arms as a body of believers and we will win this battle in the end. We have hope for the future because we know who wins this war between Good and Evil. Victory is the Lords! Amen?!? We may be the only light someone see’s today!

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