Mentored Privacy Page

Privacy Notice:

If your question is selected by one of our mentors, the only thing submitted publicly is your question and the answer given by one of our volunteer mentors. Not your personal information.

Your name, e-mail address, and phone number are not shared with any mentor unless you specifically ask in writing. You are welcome to reach out to any of our mentors personally with the contact info they provide with their answer.

Your question will be reviewed by our team of volunteers who are highly qualified mentors mature in their Biblical Faith. If your question is selected and answered you will be notified. Because of the amount of questions we receive we may not be able to notify you if your question was not selected. However, don't lose heart we do pray over every person that submit questions. We would encourage you to review prior posts under your category to see if someone with a similar question received an answer. We believe the resources provided will be helpful.

Love, Bethannah