Our Brand

What Sets Us Apart?

Most companies market products to tell you who you should be. Our company uses products to affirm who you already are. 

Our products use powerful words, backed by truth. Period. Our products are a story. They are reminders of who you are. They are encouragements. They represent our stories, testimonies, and trials. They represent victories & triumphs. They affirm who we are and defeat the lies of the enemy by using the greatest weapon we have... Christ's word from the Bible. 

We help support Missionaries & Ministries throughout the world with select purchases in our collection. 


What You Can Expect?

  • Our name symbolizes being Handcrafted by God.  Affirming represents the Biblical words of affirmations we use in most of our products.
  • Most of our products are adorned with our signature cross charm.
  • Our woven products are handmade and provide jobs for artisans all over the world.
  • We personally select gifted watercolor artists from all over the world when designing our cards. Not only does this help provide an income for them but, showcases the artistic gift God has blessed them with. 
  • Each of our affirming products comes with a Biblical Affirmation Keepsake card.  Designed to fit in your wallet, tape on your mirror, hidden in your car sun visor, or placed anywhere that will help give you a daily reminder of His truth. 
  • Our products are purposely designed to not only impact the person wearing them but be used as a way to share the gospel and love of Jesus with others.  
  • WE PRAY over each of our products and customers. 
  • We offer our customers a FREE BOOKMARK. This is our way of encouraging our customers to read their Bible.  
  • WE SUPPORT Missionaries and Ministries with select products.  
  • We want our products to be experienced, not just worn.
  • We use recycled kraft paper for each of our cards. 

Our Vintage Retail Camper

What else could represent the restoration our Maker does on our hearts?

 We took this old, used 1962 camper and beautifully restored the entire thing, inside and out. Designing it to represent our Brand & our Faith.


This cute little camper is our retail store on wheels.  

We use it as part of our ministry. You can soon watch the remodeling of this little camper on our Instagram @handcraftedaffirmations & Snapchat. 

What does a Retail Store on Wheels mean?

  • We come stocked with product
  • Vintage PhotoBooth and Props
  • We come prepared with popcorn, cotton candy, and a whole lot of love.
  • Prayer with those who want it.
  •  We can meet you anywhere within the Continetal United States.  
  • You and your atendee's could become one of our official GROUPIES!  Check out our exclusive GROUPIES! page for details. Find out what all the hype is about!   
  • We can attend your private event, convention, revival, concert, camp, youth group, conference, or festival. Email us for more information hcaffirmations@gmail.com Attention; Book Us! See our Book Us! Page for more info. 
  • Bethannah can be booked to speak at your event and meet with your attendees.