My Why


"Truly my soul finds rest in God;
my salvation comes from him."  Psalm 62:1



Hi Sister!

My name is Bethannah, and I am the owner of @handcraftedaffirmations. You can also find me on Instagram @lovebethannah.

Your understanding of your worth and value matters deeply to me. My goal is to help facilitate ways to discover your true identity as a Child of God. Why? Because my identity was once wrapped up in the shame of being a child sex abuse survivor. My understanding of my own worth and value diminished. However, I healed and rose above the pain in my life when I discovered the true grace and love of Jesus. A relationship with Him enabled me to finally see myself as God saw me, His beloved child. Growing in my relationship with Christ enabled me to forgive my abusers and be set free from the shackles of abuse. 

Discovering my identity in Christ lit a fire in me. I began to create products that I could use to share Biblical Affirmations with abuse victims. I was working with women seeking abortion or direction as unwed mothers. For me, to help these woman see their own worth and value through the eyes of Christ would impact their future just as it had mine was worth all my gifts and talents to pursue. I created a brand called Handcrafted Affirmations that is designed to offer daily reminders through biblical affirmations of our true worth and value. I do this through apparel, jewelry, and a biblical self-care line.

A portion of every sale goes back to supporting teen parents choosing life, child sex abuse survivors, and human trafficking survivors, offering them the grace I received through Jesus. 

I now travel the country in my restored pink vintage retail camper, where I do events at retail stores that carry my brand. This allows me to share my testimony with youth, wrapping my arms around survivors, bringing a sense of hope and courage, knowing that all things are possible through Christ! 

My products enable others to gift to those they love or know would be encouraged by the Biblical Affirmations associated with each product. 


I champion the core belief that our worth and value aren't wrapped up in our circumstances or the things that have happened to us but in who God says we are and what He has designed us for. I am a trailblazer of hope and courage under fire, and I choose to make an impact armed with Biblical TRUTH and am unashamed. 


Once a teen mom, I have been married for 22 years to the father of the baby we had as teens, and we now have four amazing kids that love Jesus. 



  • My husband and I were high school sweethearts. As teen parents, we married with our first child at nineteen years old. We are celebrating the victory of 22 years of marriage this year. 
  • We have four awesome kids!
  • I was a military wife to a deployed husband out of Fort Carson. My husband is an Iraq war veteran. We love and honor our military families!
  • We are passionate about travel and take fun adventures around the world and US in our RV. You can follow our adventure's on our YouTube Channel "The 5 G's WildnFree" & @lovebethannah on Instagram 
  • I raodschool two of our children and cherish my time with them.
  • I have called California, Colorado, Belgium, Europe, Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, and Wisconsin my home at different times. 
  • I am a writer and speaker. Currently writing a Book on my restored vintage pink camper and our restored identity in Christ.
  • I love to be creative and design what I envision.
  • Photography is one of my passions. 
  • My favorite female vocal artist is Lauren Daigle. The lyrics to her songs and her powerful voice have been used countless times to defeat the enemies' lies in my life. My dream is to meet her, thank her and hug her someday. 
  • I am obsessed with watercolor! I cannot paint or draw for anything, but I sure do appreciate the God-given ability in others, and you will find that on my website and products. 
  • I have a sense of humor, love being silly, love to dance, can be highly inappropriate sometimes, and laugh a lot! 
  • I have the Spiritual gift of decrement and encouragement. I am a prayer warrior and defender of the innocent. 
  • I am an introvert that sounds like an extrovert (You'll get it when you meet me and then will not hear from me for a while, LOL).
  • My love languages are words of affirmations and quality time.
  • My Enneagram Type is Type 2, The Helper; Type 9, The Peacemaker; Type 7, The Enthusiast
    love bethannah