Love, Bethannah xoxo

  As abuse survivors, we often feel covered in labels such as filthy, used, rejected, not enough, unloved, and on and on. If these words were written on Post-it notes, we would be covered from head to toe, unrecognizable.  ...
There were years where if given the opportunity to choke out my Dad, I would have and I don’t think a single soul would have blamed me. I lost my childhood and pure innocence to this man. He left me reeling for years with shame, identity theft, and the feeling of filth regardless of how many times I showered I couldn’t get clean. I battled fears in motherhood that no mother would understand unless they experienced this type of trauma. I scrutinized and choked up with panic attacks that took my breath away during the most innocent moments with my husband and children that should have been priceless memories. I questioned people’s true love for me and never felt worthy enough. I screamed at God, “How can you say you love me and care about me and allow this to happen to me? Why God? Why Me? Why did you allow this?” Weeping in between every gasp of air, rocking back and forth in a fetal position praying, praying, praying the pain would stop.
Big New About My Book!

Big News about My Book!

I have some news that I have been so nervous to share. Behind the scenes, I have been in the process of writing my very first book.

For those of you who have been following my story over 2020, you know that I have made several jaw-dropping leaps of faith that have led me to make a lot of unconventional decisions. The biggest one was choosing to care for my bio father who sexually assaulted me as a child to the final point where he was diagnosed with COVID-19. God pushed me to my limits of human understanding of forgiveness and broke bondages that imprisoned me for years.

I shared my book idea with LysaTerKeurst and her team at Proverbs31 Ministries and was chosen to be taught, mentored, and supported by Lysa, @MeredithBrock my coach Glynnis Whitwer and 17 other incredibly gifted writers who are also writing their books with the hopes of getting a book deal with ThomasNelson Publishing.

“Look To The Birds” During this Coronavirus Season
"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?"

I designed this necklace after a season of my life where my husband and I lost  everything we owned in the recession and Pastor Greg Rohlinger gave this timely message that made a huge impact on our faith walk.   Not only did we grow Spiritually during that season of our lives, but God truly provided all of our needs and then some.  I wanted to encourage you during this season with this same message and pray that God uses this season to be a time where we grow closer to our heavenly father and our families.  

You Are Enough!
With the New Year comes 20/20 Vision 👁👁 While all the New Year ads are geared to tell you you're not enough, you need improvement and you have work to do, I'm here to tell you God says, YOU'RE ENOUGH!  
As a teenager, I like many others constantly fight a battle every day against who I am and who the enemy says I am. Through this season of life, I am in, every day has been a new battle with...
The enemy whispers that I am not worthy of this life I have.  That people don’t really love me for who I am, they only want something from me. The Lord says, I am VICTORIOUS!
I check my bank account, the balance is low. Really low. I don’t know how we will make it until next payday. Survival mode kicks in and I’m trying to figure out how to stretch pennies for eight people. “Kids, it’s gonna be Ramen for dinner for a while.” I cringe as I second guess every purchase I’ve made over the last month. “Danielle you shouldn’t have bought pizza last Friday night!” and “You didn’t need to say yes to every event, do you know how much gas you could have saved?” On and on I scold myself.